Africa’s looted art

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    Thanks.For retrieval efforts till date. Appreciate critical reflections from the tours & international conversations that transpired in Nigeria ,Benin city,Doala, Namibia. Aesthetically almost all are laden with the cultural urgencies to repatriate ALL the looted artifacts.The museums in Germany, UK France etc should hold interdisciplinary & high power spiritual dialogue.Chains of mini conferences to discuss the history of those carvings which are ritual objects for religious festivals or sacrifices against evil spirit like the contagion identified as covid 19 .The bitter truth is the carvings are not impelled by arts for arts sake or entertainment orgies rather by each clan ‘s and ancestral spirits that instruct or guard the design concept of those objects just the same old Testament story of those specially anointed by Holy Spirit for temple carvings & decorations by sculpting gold or brass.
    The earliest Ancestors were exceptionally specifically robustly creative and inventive.T hough was elemental they relate ecologically with other matter that shield them against evil and survival from beasts and flood.Their Hands & heads and hearts are in unity with eternity in a diffe way established modern religion s preached it.They are spiritually connect ed with their gods & ancestors.Atimes they are divinely guarded the same purpose the Tange are ceremoniously carved like Noah s ark on instruction by God.Othet antiquities not stolen are exhibited for on purpose atonement significance not just for enter tainment.T he same way a specific theater dance is for ritual Japanese society.
    Mindful that the future,the press and the past are totally elusive not a mirage multicultural dialogue and due representation from Home owner,looting museums and custodians of the artifacts & their traditional overseers must hold & document series of meetings to retrieve the artifacts and warily bargain afresh which of the artifacts can be permitted for ambulatory exhibitions & reparations.Duly agreed honorarium must be paid each time & pro- rated for the tenor each antiquity is away from original home base.
    Further records should be perpetual to help quantify the wealth of artistry integral in each unquantifiable work of past Africans .
    There must be decolonized economists, historians, anthropologists and politicians to facilitate mutual shate vision & reason & understanding -why the source too ought to be shared dues not tokens!
    All the antiquities must be identified & rewarded to the family clan,the City Muse that will preserve them and agencies of government that further host – curate them. This includes rental fees that will follow any further transaction regarding these rare objects of history.
    Buoyed that almost all the Africans that featured in this professional antiquity loot and the old & younger generation that perpetuate the artistry for commercial purposes are decolonized and are ready to support repatriation of all looted artifacts after due clarification of issues surrounding prereservation & longevity of the precious earliest era works incomparable from other cultural ly literate people that have ever lived on planet earth.
    Contributor s whose vouce are heard include Enozie Ogebuh,Jorgen Zimmerem Steve,Prince Edun Akenzua
    Ee hold it a cuktural debt to be paid to work towards the return of scattered looted antiquity from our homelands to numerous museums dangerous earning money not blessed by the ancestors.Beware keeping ritual objects for fun! They are NOT objects please note…
    #antiquityloot# cultural traffic long over due #Gtjmst exceptionalworks of africanart&past #bewaretheloot-they reritualobjectsthatfeedonlibation

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