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BBNaija 2021: Big Brother punishes Saga for failing in diary session task

SAGA failed to keep a secret deal entered into with Big Brother and got penalised for flouting house rules.

He failed to execute a task given to him during his last diary session on Tuesday, September 14, where he was instructed to avoid his love interest, Nini, till the next diary session. 

However, Cupid, with its threatening arrow, was staring him in the face and he preferred to avoid the love archer’s wrath than that of Big Brother. He opened up to Nini on Wednesday September 15.

For failing to execute secret task, Big Brother turned them into janitors today, Thursday, as punishment. The housemates were asked to clean up the garden, which was intentionally messed up. They were to tidy up the whole place with the condition that they musn’t get tired and the only time they can leave the garden is to visit the washroom.

Similar task was given to Liquorose to avoid her love interest, Emmanuel; and she has kept to it so far.  

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