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SPONSORED: Solve your basic electricity needs with S1

NIGERIANS are faced with dual challenge of paying astronomical sums for unreliable power. The availability of electricity has worsened over the years.

The country has been unable to meet the demand of its ever-growing population. This failure means individuals and industries have become heavily reliant on self-generated power, using petrol and diesel generators, accounting for nearly half of all electricity consumed.

However, there is a better alternative thanks to S1, an indigenous solar company, reliable and affordable.

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SPONSORED: Solve your basic electricity needs with S1 2

About S1

With its #Beebeejump solar S1, you can power your LED/LCD TV, decoder, home theatre, DC/AC standing fan, clippers, laptop, mobile phones, and all other general home equipment except ceiling fan, pressing iron, and pumping machine.

The lifespan of the S1 battery made from lithium-ion phosphate is 8-10 years, and also comes with three years warranty. Impressively, the batteries can be charged with sunlight, the generator and even regular power simultaneously. It comes with two bulbs ( but you can buy additional bulbs depending on your house), one freestanding fan, one free 150watt inverter, one big 160watt solar panel. The battery is 338watt.
It is easy to install and easy to pay for.


The full payment is 250,000. However, there are other instalment plans for you to choose from:

1. You can also pay on a 1-year instalment, by making an initial deposit of #80000, and a monthly payment of #16500 for 1 year.

2. There is also an option of two years plan- an initial deposit is #50000, and monthly recharge of #11300 monthly for 2 years.

3. There is also a 3-year payment plan, where you are required to make an initial deposit of #35000, and a monthly payment of #9300 for 3 years.

NB: We do payment on delivery. We have offices in all 36 States and FCT. What are you waiting for?

Talk to us on 09087595484 today and get your electricity wahala solved permanently!

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