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SUDAN: Military hailed for foiling coup

Will Ross

THE foreign minister of Sudan of has praised the country’s military for foiling a coup attempt from within its ranks on Tuesday.

Sudan’s civilian and military leaders have shared power, at times uneasily, since Omar al-Bashir was deposed two years ago.

The government has blamed this coup attempt and other attempts to destabilise the country on Bashir loyalists.

The Sudanese foreign minister said the military had stopped low ranking officers from seizing power and that this was a sign of its commitment to the country’s transition.

Mariam al-Sadiq al-Mahdi told the BBC that the coup plotters had taken control of important locations and suggested they’d come pretty close to announcing a coup.

She said they had tried to get technicians at the national broadcaster to air their statement along with military music.

Whilst condemning the coup, the US warned against external interference in the country.

But Sudan’s foreign minister said so far there was no sign of any interference from abroad.

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