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My life-changing encounter with Davido – Abimbola Kazeem, physically-challenged actor

NOLLYWOOD actor, Abimbola Kazeem, also known as Jigan, was bullied and scorned as a youth, yet he didn’t give up on his desire to make a better living.

In a recent interview, Kazeem, who is a now a popular actor and producer of many movies including skits like ‘Sho Mo Age Mi’, recounted how his encounter with singer Davido turned his life around.

He said: “Davido called me; I didn’t even know how he got my number, so I went to his house, and he was glad to see me. He took me out, we had a nice outing, and it was posted on social media. He even asked his followers to follow me on Instagram. It was a life changing experience for me”.

On how he was bullied due to his disability, Abimbola Kazeem recalled, “A particular experience was when I was in primary school; the school compound was small so we would always go to another school when it’s time for inter-house sports. One day, the pupils all left for the inter-house sports and I was left behind. When they got back, my friends asked me why I didn’t go with them, and then the teacher said that I couldn’t go because I had nothing to offer. I felt so bad.”

Abimbola Kazeem has also been rejected in a relationship because of his disability, he said: “Oh yes, that happened in Ibadan. There was this lady I liked so much. One day, I walked up to her and the next thing she did was to call my friend and tell him to warn me never in my life I should talk to her again. When my friend asked her why she said so, she said it’s because of my disability. I felt terribly bad!”

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