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Nigeria imports N143b solid minerals in nine months — NBS

A TOTAL of N143.1b worth of solid minerals were imported into Nigeria from January to September this year, according to data collated from the National Bureau of Statistics.

This was shown by an NBS data which said that the country exported N42.5b solid minerals in the nine-month period, less than 30 percent of what it imported.

It said, “The total value of trade in solid mineral goods in Q1 2021 stood at N49.5b. The export component of this trade stood at N9.3bn while the import was valued at N40.2b.

“The leading exported mineral products were other cement exported to Niger Republic and Togo worth N2.7b and N1.3b respectively. Lead ores and concentrates worth N2.9b were exported to China, as were zinc ores and concentrates worth N0.8b.”

The report said plasters of calcined gypsum sulphate was imported from Turkey and Egypt, worth N8.9b and N3.5b.

“Gypsum anhydrite was also imported from Spain and Turkey, valued at N5.8b and N3.4b respectively. Others were crude salt worth N4.5b imported from Brazil, etc.” it added.

The NBS said total trade was N63.68b in Q2, with export at N14.93b and import at N48.75b.

It said, “The leading exported mineral products were other cement exported to Niger Republic and Togo in values worth N3.12b and N2.32b. Another product under this sector was zinc ores and concentrates exported to China in the value worth N4.15 b.

“In terms of imports, plasters of calcined gypsum was imported from Turkey and Egypt in values worth N8.35b and N3.69b. During the period under review, there was the importation of gypsum anhydrite worth N7.78b from Spain and Turkey N5.22b.

“Others were other salt (including crude salt) worth N6.04b imported from Brazil. There was the importation of salt for human consumption (including table salt) from Namibia in the value worth N2.52b and granite, cut into a square or rectangular shape from China (N2.25b).”

According to the statistics office, the total trade was at N72.4b, with exports at N18.3bn and imports at N54.1b.

It said solid minerals exports increased by 22.7 per cent in Q3 compared to Q2, while imports increased by 10.93 per cent.

It said, “Some of the products exported under this sector include other cement exported to Niger republic (N3.6b) and Togo (N2.5b). Zinc ores and concentrates were exported to China in the value worth N3.3b and lead ores and Concentrate worth N2.7b were also exported to China.

“In the same period, gypsum worth N10.3b and N4.7b were imported from Spain and Turkey. Other products imported include; Plasters of calcined gypsum imported from Turkey (N3.2b) and Tunisia (N2.5b). There were other Coals imported from Mozambique and Brazil in values worth N5.6b and N2.1b respectively.”

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