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EDO: Govt, lawyer Oshoma bicker over MOU

THE Edo State Government has dismissed claims by lawyer, Liborous Oshoma, accusing Governor Godwin Obaseki of signing multiple Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) without implementation.

Oshoma, a social commentator, in a programme on TV360, monitored by _Naija Times_, tagged the state as “Edo of Classic MOU”.

According to him, the Obaseki administration has developed a penchant for signing MOU without implementation.

Among others, Oshoma listed the MOU with Siemens Power, a Chinese firm, Unita, Fabrication Village and Konga, noting that none has been executed.

He said the consequence is insecurity, bad roads, flooding, despair, out-of-school children, dilapidated infrastructure and multiple taxes and levies.

But in a statement titled ‘On the Online Rantings of Liborous Oshoma’, the Edo State government dismissed Oshoma’s allegations as spurious and baseless.

Andrew Emwanta, Commissioner for Communication and Orientation, therefore, challenged Oshoma to a public debate.

“If those of us in Government were to respond to everyone making politically-induced false statements about our activities, we will not have had the time to have achieved the much they now use in criticizing us. It was Bob Marley who said that ‘it is a foolish dog that barks at a flying bird’. The Oshoma fellow only reminds us of the proverbial foolish dog in the words of Marley and as such, we cannot afford to dignify his paid ‘barking’ with any official response,” he said.

“Mr. Oshoma must either be suffering from selective amnesia or ethnic bigotry. If not,  he may have been in Siberia when Oshiomhole was Edo State Governor for eight years. The very recent BBC story on government sponsored cultism during that administration of Edo State speaks to the foregoing.  Oshoma’s ethnic antenna could not have captured this all-important report by the BBC.

“The achievements of the Obaseki-led administration are not hidden and l hereby challenge Mr. Oshoma to a public debate that will be televised on national tv, just to put a lie to his evil rantings about the present Edo State Government”.

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Liborous Oshoma

Reacting to the statement put out by Emwanta, Oshoma said, ” He doesn’t want to dignify me with a response, yet he is challenging me to a public debate?

“To use his own words, I won’t bark at every flying bird. Edo people know better and the response from the people already is speaking volume. That was how Abia political appointee challenged me to a debate only to chicken out.

“I am not and have never been a fan of Oshiomole, I am even closer to Philip Shuibu (current Deputy Governor) than Oshiomole. But that won’t stop me from pointing at ineptitude when I see one. I salute the maturity of the Deputy Governor whom have thanked me for drawing their attention to these things and assured me that they would work on it.

“These N250k naira commissioners are only doing what they are paid to do and wants to ride on my credibility to fame. I won’t glorify him with a response, because he has not even responded to the questions and issues of governance I raised, rather he is on a trajectory that has consistently led them nowhere.

“Having seen what governance is in Bendel State from the days of Ogbemudia to Ambrose Alli when Okpella got pipe borne water in 1977 yet Benin City can’t boast of drinkable water today. Do I need to be paid to recognize ineptitude and impunity”.

But the commissioner, again, insisted on a debate.

He said “Oshoma is seeking cheap attention. Shaibu couldn’t have made such an indicting statement. He is obviously afraid of a debate.”

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