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Debbie Shokoya rains curses on killers of Bamise allegedly murdered in a BRT

NOLLYWOOD actress Deborah Shokoya better known in the industry as Debbie has lamented over the death of a 22yr old Fashion Designer, Oluwabamise Ayanwola, who was allegedly murdered in cold blood by a (Bus Rapid Transit) BRT driver.

A few days ago, the news of Bamise’s disappearance after she allegedly boarded a BRT bus went viral, however it has been confirmed that the missing Fashion designer is dead and some of her body parts missing.

Reacting to this, Debbie Shokoya rained down curses on the perpetuators of such inhuman act.

The actress who is also a Filmmaker wondered why one would be so callous to murder his or her fellow human being in cold blood.

She also stated that Nigerians are already suffering a lot from the government and don’t deserve these brutal killings that has become rampant.

“The government is enough punishment for us. Why are we killing ourselves again? Don’t tell me it is poverty. We are all facing this. The people you are killing are so in same situation. Greedy bastards. May you all never know rest,” she wrote.

Aggrieved further, Debbie rained more curses on the killers of Oluwabamise Ayanwola and other innocent Nigerians for ritual purposes.

“May You All Never Know Peace!! May You Forever Live In Pain And Agony! I Pray For A Restless, Wandering, Shameful, Disgusting, Painful, Dirty, Horrible Life For You Evil Ones.

“Why On Earth Will You Kill An Innocent Being That Just Want To Live, Struggle To Make It In Life!!
Because You Choose To Be Desperate, You Cut Short Other People’s Life Despite All The Hardship We All Face In This Country Day By Day😭😭😭. Peace Shall Be Far From You And Your Generations….Your Dog, Hen, Cow, Whatsoever!!
Will Suffer From It By God’s Grace.

“Lord, Please Release Your Wrath On These Evil Bastards!! I Don’t Want To Wait For Any Stupid Court Hearing Day In, Day Out!!! Father Lord, Be The Judge🙏😭.”

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