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Victim of Timaya’s hit and run breaks silence

THE lady who was involved in the hit and run incident of Nigerian singer, Timaya has finally spoken up and narrated what happened that day.

On her Instagram post, the lady who goes by the name, Damilola Osinubu said Timaya bullied her after confronting him when he hit her car. She said he denied it, did not show signs of remorse but kept bragging that he was a celebrity.

“How can you tell the whole world you didn’t notice you hit a car? I knocked on your side window to draw your attention only for you to bully me as a woman.”

“He then rolled up again and I thought he wanted to park well to come down and see the damage he has caused. Then I wanted to turn to the other side right in front of his G wagon, then the so-called celebrity zoomed off with his G wagon by knocking me down.”

She said he knocked her down while trying to run, severely injuring her in the process, leaving her in a pool of blood.

“Not only that, he dragged me on the road while I sustained injuries on my face, my two knees, my right hand, all my acrylics nails forcefully pull off. Before I knew it, he ran away leaving me in my pool of blood.”

“Then passersby rushed me to a nearby pharmacy where I managed to call my husband before I was later taken to Reddington Hospital where I received about 15 stitches on my face and another treatment was administered before I was later discharged later in the evening and was taken to General hospital for further treatment.”

She also accused the singer of refusing to apologise since he knocked her down.

The music star was arrested by the police the day after the incident. He also took to his Instagram page that day to narrate what happened. According to him, he came down to collect the lady’s number but drove off when he saw four men running towards him.

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