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‘You don’t want Osibanjo, Tinubu, Atiku or Peter Obi, who then do you want?’ Chioma Ifemeludike queries Nigerians

NOLLYWOOD actress Chioma Ifemeludike has questioned her fellow Nigerians over their choice for the next President to rule the affairs of the country.

Ifemeludike via her Instagram page wondered why Nigerians are not taking all the people that has so far declared to run for Presidency serious.

Listing some of the contestants so far, Chioma Ifemeludike clearly admonished the Nigerian youth, reminding them that this is not the time to catch cruise or time to stand on the fence but time to be resolute, firm and purposeful in deciding the next set of leaders for Nigeria come 2023.

She shared on her Instagram page: “You don’t want Osibanjo?
You don’t want Atiku?
You don’t want Peter Obi?
You don’t want Tinubu?
You don’t want Saraki?
Who do you want?”

Adding, “Dear Nigerians, what do you want??? This is not the time to catch cruise, this is not the time to stand on the fence. This is the time to be resolute, firm and purposeful in deciding our next set of leaders but I see most of you playing and cruising with your lives… You think yahoo yahoo will pay forever? You think you will escape the consequences of a fraudulent life? You’re a joker! The proceeds from Prostitution (runs) intoxicates and damages a person’s destiny.”

“You see, all they ways that seem easy all leads to doom, Our country is blessed with human and natural resources needed for economic and infrastructural development but somehow after our independence thieves and liars hijacked leadership and have subjected us to abject poverty, set us up against each other, used religious and ethnic orientation to cause divisions amongst us. When it’s time for elections they become humble, they use money to buy our celebrities, they use our pastors and imams to get our trust and votes just to turn their back and misappropriate our collective wealth.”

“Wealth meant for our general benefits, schools, healthcare, roads, power supply, social security, environmental maintenance etc. They send their kids, wives and concubines far away from the hell they’re creating, the imprison anyone that dares to challenge them, they use our Enforcement agencies and parastatals (police,military etc )against us most times they use them as their personal slaves or protection for their kids,side chicks and wives… “

“And all these years we look on like fools, accepting defeat without a fight, sacrifice or commitment because we are too afraid, too hungry in our minds, too selfish… WE CAN’T CONTINUE LIKE THIS!!!”

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