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LondontoLagos Day 3 Update: Girona – Valencia: 458KM

“I woke up to an early morning shower, and till 9am it was still raining and with no sign of receding, I was hoping the rain will stop so I can avoid riding in the rain because of the bitter cold.

With no sign of receding and the weather forecast, predicting the rain will subside by 1400hrs, I decided to brave the rain and the accompanying bitter cold, so I set off.

Riding out of Girona was hectic, as there were hundreds of trucks on the road, a 2-lane freeway with a hard shoulder, so it was a lot of work maneuvering through the trucks, and this went on for over an hour.

The heaviness of the rain and the maneuvering efforts made the workload of the riding quite heavy.

After getting on the 3-lane freeway to a Valencia the number of trucks on the road reduced as most veered off towards Barcelona.

Though the workload reduced, however, the COLD set in, I stopped at services for hot coffee and did some warmup exercises but nothing seems to work, I was still shaking. So, I turned to the only one I know that never fails …. MY GOD

I prayed to God to warm me up, clear the skies and send the sun, and HE ANSWERED. Less than 5 minutes after, the rain stopped and the sun came out, and I felt tears of joy streaming down my eyes as I ride….. then I said God you are good. And the weather remained that way till I got to Valencia.

I got to my hotel about 1700hrs and I was able to go round and explore the city. My perception of the Spanish, they are quite nice and friendly people, and their ladies love to smile.”

– Rotarian Kunle Adeyanju

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