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‘I need a Nigerian lover’ – Liberian actress, Chi Chi Neblett

CHI CHI Neblett, Ghana based Liberian actress, despite her achievements as a top movie star, was never born with a silver spoon.

In a recent interview with Saturday Sun, she recalled her grass to grace journey. “I was born and brought up in Liberia with my mom and little sister. We are 2 girls from my mom, and I am the first. My growing up was not an easy one. I went through a lot because we didn’t come from a well to do family. We had to sell to make ends meet. I hawked! Oh yes a lot of hawking at some point.

“All through my growing up days that was what I was doing to help my mom and also pay my fees and put food on the table for us to eat. I hawked a lot of Liberian stuffs. Thank God for his grace and for where we are now”, she said.

As a fully grown woman, Neblett who is single and ready to mingle listed her expectations from potential suitors.

The light skinned mother of one said, “I don’t really want much from any potential lover. I just want someone that is loving, caring, responsible with handsome account balance.

“He must be able to meet my needs. I also love neat, good looking men. Smells good and not talk too much. I don’t like men that brag; you don’t need to sing all your achievements to me. If indeed you have an interesting profile, I should be able to see it. I don’t need you to be disturbing my ears with your stories.

“The Wedding movie producer also couldn’t resist singing praises of Nigerian men and hopes to settle down with one in near future.

She mentioned Richard Mofe Damijo ( RMD) as her Nigerian celebrity crush, “I watched him as a kid growing up and I just love everything about him. He’s such a fine man.

“What I love about Nigerian men is that, they know how to spend on their women. I have dated a Nigerian man. They sweet die! If I get one that wants to marry me why not, I’ll accept the marriage proposal,” she gushed.

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