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Ned Nwoko 2023: A project of unparalleled political pact

By Prelador Etianra

As I traverse the nooks and crannies of the hinterland in Delta North and interact with the natives, the high, the mighty and the power brokers of the land, one thing continues to keep me in awe, and that is the uncommon solidarity being enjoyed by Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko, the Anioma Prince, in the course of his aspiration to once again rescue his people by representing them at the upper legislative chambers of the National Assembly 2023.

What makes Ned’s support base a specially unique phenomenon is the convergence of diverse political interests on his electoral project without the usual political sentiment that elevates party affiliation above competence. His support base cuts across political divides; a situation where members of other political parties clamour much more for his emergence than anyone can think of.

As a spectator, it is with excitement that we have so far seen emissaries from 6 different political parties, seeking for an alliance that will produce Prince Ned Nwoko as their consensus Candidate for Delta North Senatorial district,come 2023.

This is happening when no primary election of any political party has yet taken place, and if this is happening at this stage, one can imagine the tidal nature of the Ned phenomenon when he eventually becomes the candidate of his party.

We also have the privilege of witnessing the trooping of several community leaders and highly respected Clergy men with large followership who passionately expressed their support for the Ned’s project to ensure that Ned emerges victorious all through to the general election, and I wonder the measure of grace that endears a man to all and sundry in such proportion and in such unusual manner.

Frankly, as a man who supports Ned, I am emotionally empowered and humbled, but not surprised by all these show of love for Ned across the land and it also makes the Ned team to work with extra courage and assurance in a way that a man can go and sleep while the victory rolls in BUT we will not be complacent, we will work and work and work until the land slide victory we aim to achieve is delivered clean and pure.

I write with excitement this Sunday morning from one corner in Abuja where I am still reflecting in awe of the numerous accolades that Ned has received..

God bless Ned!
God bless Delta North
God bless Delta State
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Prelador Etianra writes from Delta

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