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LAGOS: Tokunbo Wahab calls for improved security, peaceful coexistence among Nigerians

AS a way to mark his 50th birthday on Tuesday, May, 17, 2022, the Special Adviser to Governor Sanwo -Olu on Education, Tokunbo Wahab, has appealed for an improved security and peaceful co-existence among Nigerians regardless of tribal affiliations across the country.

The special adviser, in a statement, stated that the best birthday gift he would wish to receive on Tuesday should be promises of improved security, unity, mutual love, peaceful coexistence and freedom for all Nigerians, to live in any part of the country they may choose to live without fear.

Wahab called for an immediate end to blood letting and unwaranted waste of human lives, as he expressed worry over high level of moral decadence and degeneration especially among youths who are always desperate for money and comforts at the expense of human lives.

The special adviser urged Nigerians to come together and take advantage of their diversity to build a united and stronger country that will be the pride of Africa, noting that there is always strength in unity.

He maintained that there is the need for general ethical rebirth and reorientation, the special adviser called on government at all levels to put youths empowerment at the centre of their development initiatives and attributed unemployment and restiveness among young Nigerians are banes of the current insecurity across the land.

“At 50, I want to see a country, where everything works, where there is love and unity, where there is security of lives and properties, where every Nigerian can live in any part of the country without any fear or risk to life, where there is mutual love and respect for one another.

“At 50, I want to see a new Nigeria with high hope, a nation that is filled with youths that are assured of a better and secured future, I want to see a new country with improved economy, job opportunities for youths as well as technology innovations for rapid economic growth, these are the birthday wishes I cherish more than any gift may be coming from all and sundry,” he said.

Also, Wahab urged political gladiators across party lines to work together for the peace as well as unity of the country and appealed that they often ensure that elections are hitches free, credible, free and fair for all.

According to him, all these will help to strengthen the nation’s democracy and further result in progress of the country.

He further promised that as he marked his 50th birthday, he would ensure more productivity and dissipate more energies at assisting the present administration to achieve it’s vision for a new state that we all crave for.

He added that through his office, he would ensure that all that is necessary for the administration to continuously provide sustainable education and technology that would enable the State maintain its status as the nation’s nerves centre and centre of excellence

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