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Gani Adams blames social media for ritual killings

IN a bid to preserve the ethos of the Yoruba race, the Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland land, Iba Gani Adams has called all traditional rulers in Yoruba land to join the campaign against ritual killing for money-making.

Adams made the call yesterday, while speaking at the 2022 edition of Wealth Festival (Odun Aje), which was held in Agege, Lagos.

He stated that the issue of using human parts for money-making is against Yoruba practices and at variance with ethos of good virtue (Omoluabi) that the Yoruba people were known for.

His words, “In recent times,I have monitored the various stories of ritual abuse and money-making across Southwest, and I feel the urge to speak up against the barbaric act, especially, among the youths.

”Any form of physical, sexual or psychological mistreatment that involves the use of ritual is alien to Yoruba culture and traditions.

“In Yoruba land and in every part of the world, killing a person for ritual is an abomination. It is sacrilegious. It is not our culture or tradition. It is against the norms of our race.

“The issue of using human parts for money-making is against Yoruba practices. It is at variance with our ethos of Omoluabi and we should rise against it.

“It is sad that our society has lost its core values. What we see today is a complete departure from the original practice and ethos of the Yoruba race. Everybody should rise against it, including traditional rulers.”

Adams attributed the ugly trend of ritual killing for money-making to the negative effect of social media on youths.

On the reason for celebrating Wealth Festival (Odun Aje), the high chief said it is a way of appreciating the deity in charge of wealth creation.

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