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Poor Christians in Nigeria are ‘cursed sinners’ — Adeboye’s aide

A PASTOR with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Solomon Bello, says any Christian who is poor in Nigeria today is under a curse and is practicing sin in secret.

Pastor Bello who is one of the Special Assistants to the General Overseer of the church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, while delivering a paper at a Business Summit of the Redeemers Men’s Fellowship of the LP71, Divine Connection Zone in Lagos on Wednesday, added that any Christian who is poor either does not pay his tithes nor sows seeds which are ingredients of wealth creation.

Bello, who is the resident pastor in charge of the Lagos Province 71, and a lecturer at the University of Lagos, further describes prosperity as “a birthright of Christians while poverty is a curse.”

“Poverty is not for any true child of God. As long as men continue to sin against God, they will continue to struggle,” the Redeemed pastor claimed.

He listed the elements of poverty to include sin, laziness, curses, ingratitude, extravagance, and procrastination.

“Curses and blessings are the results of the obedience or lack of it on the part of a man. The Bible informs us that poverty is a curse.

“It was the resultant effect of man’s separation from God in the Garden of Eden. As long as men continue to sin against God, they will continue to struggle. It takes two to succeed, you and God.

“Any Christian who does not pay his tithes is under a curse. An ungrateful man cannot go far in life. Gratitude will open the doors of breakthrough and success to you at any time.

“Philippians 4:19 says, “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Do we bother to ask what God’s riches are? According to Haggai 2:8 ‘The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine,’ says the LORD of hosts.

“If the silver and gold belong to God, then the logic should be that we His children should not be poor, but very rich.

“The road to prosperity is a straight one if you can only understand it. God has already made every provision for comfort and upliftment. There are certain things you can do to unlock the heavens for yourself and your family,” Pastor Bello said.

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