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Egyptian business mogul jailed three years for sexual assault

A CAIRO Criminal Court has sentenced an Egyptian business mogul, Mohammed el-Amin, to three years in prison for sexually assaulting seven girls at an orphanage in the city.

El-Amin, who was first remanded in custody on January 8 on charges of sexual assault, was also fined 200,000 Egyptian pounds (about $11,000).

During the hearing on Tuesday, prosecutors said the business mogul serially abused the minors who were between the ages of 10 and 12 at the orphanage he founded in Beni Soueif, about 100 km south of Cairo.

A prosecutor said images were found on el-Amin’s mobile phone and that officials from the ministry in saddled with the task of monitoring orphanages had produced recordings of conversations with the young orphans recounting their attack.

“He abused his power in front of orphan girls whom he sexually assaulted and threatened to expel from the orphanage if they reported him,” the prosecutor said.

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