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God has my ‘mumu button’ at the moment – Tacha declares

CONTROVERSIAL former Big Brother Naija contestant and social media influencer, Natasha Akide, aka Tacha, has said that though she is still open to love, she is in a relationship with God at the moment.

Tacha also asked that any man who is interested in having any relationship with her should come get her.

In a recent interview on ‘Wake Up Nigeria’, she said, “God has my ‘mumu button’ at the moment. I don’t think any man should be intimidated by me. I am only 26, still growing and learning. I am really open-minded. If you are the man for me out there, come and get me. For now, it is just me, God and my team.”

Speaking on how she has grown over the years, she said, “I have evolved because change is constant. I have really grown but I am still a no-nonsense person. The only difference is that I am no longer in the BBN house. I am out here in the real world where people can actually see the actual Tacha, and not certain narratives created by other people. When I look into the mirror, I see a strong and resilient black woman. Nothing keeps me going more than that.”

Appreciating the love her fans— The Titans— have for her, Tacha said, “They are a whole community on their own. Tacha is their priority and they don’t joke with anything that concerns me. The Titans will not attack anyone if the person does not attack their queen. Those people have gone through a lot for me. They are as emotionally attached to me as I am to them.”

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