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DJ Expression calls for more international music collaborations

WITH the growing popularity of Afrobeats and other African music genres in the world, versatile DJ Expression has called for more international collaborations among the musicians.

DJ Expression made this remark while discussing the acceptance of African music and how other international stars have tapped into African sounds to create their music.

He held that African musicians should not relent, instead, they should push for more international collaborations to establish and dominate the music space worldwide.

In his words, “Right now that the world is concentrating on Afrobeats and African artistes, musicians need to keep the international music collaborations coming. We need to keep dominating the music space.”

“We have seen a lot of collaborations in recent times with foreign artistes like Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Chris Brown, etc., who have infused African rhythm into their songs. This shows that African music is special. This is not the time to relent. We need to do even more.”

DJ Expression also noted that the DJs have made the industry more interesting by creatively mixing foreign and African songs to promote the culture.

“It is even more interesting how we, the DJs, blend foreign songs with music from Africa to further promote the culture and make it have a long-lasting impression on our listeners,” he said.

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