Don Jazzy thrives on sex songs, says movie director Akinmolayan

MOVIE maker, director and media consultant, Niyi Akinmolayan best known for directing some of Nollywood’s blockbusters – The Wedding Party 2, Prophetess, The Set Up, The Arbitration, Elevstor Baby, Falling, has called out record producer and CEO of Mavins Records, Michael Collins Ajereh popularly known as Don Jazzy.

The Anthill Studios Founder /Creative Director, on Wednesday, August 31, took to his Twitter handle to question why the maverick beat maker always follow the same pattern of song, adding that his signees are always singing about sex, which makes him feel somehow.

 “This thing where Don Jazzy gets young artists and list of the song is about sex and sex makes me feel somehow sha. I don’t know. It’s all sex sex sex. Sometimes I can tell they don’t even know what they are singing about. But what do I know. The music industry is rich as u say, ” he tweeted.

 This is coming days after the Mavin Records head honcho signed Bayanni as the label’s latest talent.

 Meanwhile, some netizens have reacted to the filmmaker”s swipe at Don Jazzy. 

Responding, Tunde Akinnode @akinbode11 said, “Sex sells. It sells almost everywhere. Sells most things. Movies, advertising and music (media generally) can not ignore it. Simple answer bro. No need for conjectures and theorising.”

   Rapulu Oramali said, “Filmmaker? How about you put up a few of your contents here. Let’s see. As for scriptwriting, trust me, most studio execs have a lot of scriptwriters at their disposal. Unless you have an unusual story, something career defining. If you do, maybe you should give him a hint here.”

   Corroborating Akinbode, another twitter user, who goes by name and handle TG Banks (Who does Dat) @amtgbanks wrote: “Sex sells. I guess its a strategy. At the end of the day it’s about making money for them. Trust me they sabi sing normal song. IF you listen to their EP, u will see they have many normal songs that doesn’t talk about sex.”

   Samson Oke who goes  by the handle, D’Shamelon @SamsonOke10, wrote: “It’s not Don jazzy’s problem, the generation that this guys sing for are sex thirsty, anything in that line self for them. It’s just know what the market needs and feeding the marketing. It’s just sad but it’s the truth.”

   For Jimi Akinribola (AK Akinriballer) @JimiAkinribola, “Capitalizing on the overdrive of youthful hormones of a nation populated with youths. Just like SSP and Obesere did in the 90s. Many end up as dysfunctional adult today because they were stuck in unresolved youthful crisis complicated by lyrics from the aforementioned dudes.”

  Questioning Akinmolayan’s opinion, Sagash @Sagash13 wrote: “Wat is wrong with sex or promoting it in music if I may ask …”

   Thatcameraguy @Thatcameraguy2 said, “Music industry is known for this and sexualizing women in their songs and music videos … Don Jazzy aint the founder this !! or none of these new signees started it…”

   Banji (banji.sol) @YBaq wrote: “There’s music and there’s music business. These artists are giving out what the people want. It’s simply about demand and supply.”

   In what seem a humorous response, JahneralBlak @Jah_spirit said, “bros…. This gist na after 2023 we go bring am come table. What about the Visuals??? People just want to jolly and forget hard life – those songs dey PRESS dePRESSION for neck.”

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