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A trip to CMS, Marina, Costain, Lekki, Ozumba Mbadiwe inside Houston restaurant

FROM the outside, it looks like one of the several Nigerian restaurants in Houston, Texas where you can eat hot amala and ewedu, efo riro and pounded yam or the world famous Nigerian jollof rice, but there is more to Eko Bistro Restaurant. Inside this restaurant tucked on Highway 6, you can take a trip back to Lagos, Nigeria. 

You may wonder how? Inside the restaurant, there is CMS, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Lekki, Costain and Marina. You can eat in any of these popular Lagos communities inside this restaurant. This is how: Each dining booth in the restaurant is named after these places and the surrounding walls give the feeling of being in these places. The wall decorations bear pictures depicting these places. 

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There is more: The tables for diners also have stories to tell about Lagos. On the tables are written various popular Lagos street lingo such as Gbe body e, Soro Soke, On God, Eko Onibaje, Dey Your Dey, Jazz Up and so on. Popular music that you hear in Lagos also blare from the loudspeaker. 

On a final note, this is a proper restaurant where food takes time to be ready. It is no fast food. So, a starter is advised while you wait for either your hot steaming amala, pounded yam or jollof rice. Alternatively, you can play games that are popular in Lagos such as ayo olopon, ludo and others.

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