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Marketing Institute honours former Vice President, Chuka Eborah

THE National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) has honoured its former second vice president, Chuka Eborah. During the presentation of a gift (an abstract painting) at the Institute’s secretariat in Lagos today, the president of NIMN, Idorenyen Enang, said Eborah made significant contribution to the growth and development of the Institute.

Eborah was vice president of the Institute for two terms. Enang praised the former VP for distinguishing himself in different roles, describing him as a “remarkable asset”.

“You served the Institute diligently and selflessly,” Enang said in his remarks. “On behalf of all the members of the Institute, I’m happy to present to you a gift to appreciate you. I had to search for something befitting for all the years that you served the Institute meritoriously. I hope that when you put this painting up in your home or office, it will always remind of your tenure as VP of the Institute.”

The NIMN President continued: “Eborah is a very astute Fellow of NIMN and was very supportive. He chaired several committees and he has been the longest-serving member of the Council of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria.

“We are extremely grateful for his contribution towards building a vibrant Institute. Eborah is a remarkable asset and that is why we are honouring him with a token gift of gratitude on behalf of the Council and members of the Institute.”

In his response, Eborah thanked the President, Council and members of the Institute for the honour. He pledged his continuous support for the growth of NIMN.

“I am very grateful for this recognition,” Eborah said, while expressing his appreciation. “It is very thoughtful of the President and members of the Institute to recognise my efforts when I had the opportunity to serve.

“I will continue to do my best as long as I have the strength to cope,” he assured the President. “To build a great Institute, knowledge sharing must continue as there is no end to learning.”

Present at the ceremony were Ehi Braimah, a Fellow of NIMN and Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Naija Times, and Sidney Ogodo, Registrar of the Institute.

Established by Act of the National Assembly No. 25 in 2003, NIMN is the body for marketing professionals in Nigeria engaged in marketing and related fields.

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