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Texas church where God is worshipped in Yoruba

AMERICA is the last place you will expect to find a church where services are held in Yoruba. Well, Houston, Texas is home to a unique church where this is what you get. The church is known as Harvest Point Ministry. The South Kirkwood Road, Houston-based church is headed by Pastor Henry Odeneye. 

The Yoruba church is done through its Yoruba Christian Fellowship, Dagunduro.  Incidentally, the founder was not fluent nor proficient in Yoruba, but he said God asked him to go and organise programmes in Yoruba.

The church is also using Yoruba to prepare people for American citizenship’s civic tests through Dagunduro. The U.S. authorities in Texas approved the translation of the 100 citizenship tests into Yoruba in recognition of the church’s advocacy.

“Dagunduro is a monthly Yoruba Christian program organized by Harvest Point Ministry (HPM) to promote the use of Yoruba language in the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in United States of America.

“With the headquarters in Houston, Texas, HPM has, since 2009 used the platform of Dagunduro to invite notable Yoruba speaking Pastors and Christian Artists for the monthly program.

“This provides opportunity to portray the Yoruba culture in positive way, reach out to the old and young ones of Yoruba stock, encouraging them to stay away from destructive habits like drugs, alcoholism, prostitution, fraud with several other vices and embrace the gospel that can enhance their peaceful cohabitations with others in the society,” said the church. 

The church is growing and promoting other African languages. It now has branches outside of America where for the first time in the history of African countries, they are having theological instruction schools in their languages such as Swahili Ewe and Yoruba. The branches are in Tanzania, Uganda, Senegal, Benin republic, Togo, and Nigeria. There are other centers in Brazil and Mexico.

The founder’s parents could not afford to send him to school beyond secondary certificate level. He registered with the Institute of Marketing, UK and took tutorials from Rapid Results Correspondence. After this, he got a job as a Sales Clerk with Afrotech Care Services Nigeria Limited and met the owner, P. G. W Harris, who sponsored him. He reached the position of Regional Sales Manager.

He owns an engineering company, Henry Clas Nig. Limited, which produces vegetable oil equipment. 

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