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UKRAINE: Poland recognises Russia as terrorist state

POLISH lawmakers have voted on a resolution declaring Russia a terrorist state over its war in Ukraine.

The resolution, which took place yesterday, passed with 85 votes, adding that it strongly condemns Russian aggression.

Recall the Russian Federation, under Vladimir Putin, had invaded Ukraine on February 14 this year, leading to a raging war that has claimed hundreds of lives and global economic impact.

Early this month, Putin had also announced annexation of four regions of Ukraine into Russia. An act that many world leaders have condemned.

However, Polish lawmakers have called on all countries that support peace, democracy and human rights to recognize the authorities of the Russian Federation as a terrorist regime.

The lawmakers, while passing the resolution, outlined accounts of torture, forced deportations, murder of civilians and intentional strikes on civilian locations to back their calls to characterize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

“We know all these acts of state terrorism well from the history books,” a statement attached to the resolution said.

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