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RMAFC set to begin review of public office holders’ salaries

THE Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) has started talking to stakeholders, in order to look into the pay of public office holders.

As a result, the agency declared that it will consult with key stakeholders to decide whether to raise or lower the remuneration for those who hold political, public, and judicial offices.

Nwachukwu Christian, the commission’s spokesperson, told correspondents over the phone on Friday that Nigerians should ignore any reports that says the organization intended to raise the pay of those holding political, public, and judicial office.

He said, “The process involves consultation. It is not what one person will do. We must consult critical stakeholders like civil society organisations. We must consult even traditional rulers. It will take us across the whole federation to gather input on it. At the end of the whole thing, what we gather will decide if the review will be upward or downward.

“We have not carried out the exercise. We are in the process, and this process must be carried out and completed and will give us the result whether it is going to be up or down. Nobody can come up now to say RMAFC has reviewed upward the salaries of political and judicial officers. That’s false. Until the process is concluded before we can decide on the review.

“In the course of the process, people will air their views on where the country is now. Nigerians must make their input because it is their money that will be used to pay these officeholders. So, we have to consider their inputs.”

The commission had earlier said in a statement that it will begin the process of examining the remuneration for those who hold political, public, and judicial offices in the country.

The statement read in part, “Mohammed Shehu [who is the current chairman of the Commission] pointed out that pursuant to the functions of RMAFC in paragraph 32(D) of part 1 to the third schedule of 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended, empowers the Commission to determine the remuneration appropriate to political, public and judicial office holders in the country informing that the last time the review was carried out was 2008 which makes it even overdue for review.”

Elias Mbam, the former RMAFC Chairman, stated in June of last year that the commission had finished its plans to start the review of the revenue allocation formula.

The evaluation, which was due to be finished by the end of 2021, was focused on ensuring that the accruing revenue to the Federation Account was distributed fairly among the three tiers of government.

The commission ultimately delivered its findings to President Buhari in April of this year after missing its deadline in 2021 to review the vertical revenue allocation formula.

According to the research, the federal government would receive 45.17 percent of vertical income allocation, followed by state governments with 29.79 percent and local governments with 21.04%.

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