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G-5 PDP Govs want to make Nigeria work – Ortom

THE principles driving the group of five (G-5) governors elected on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have been revealed to symbolise integrity, patriotism, equity, fairness and justice.

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom ,spoke on behalf of the group on Friday night.

Governor Ortom stated that they are passionate about Nigeria and desire that there shall be a healthy economy, adherence to rule of law, and security of life and property.

“We have travelled to a number of countries to see how things are happening up there. Our passion is that, how can we make things work here in Nigeria, it is by being disciplined.

“It is not about ourselves. It is not about our ego. It is not about anything. It is about what we will do to turn around things and ensure the rule of law, due process prevails in everything we do, so, that we will have other people visiting us. So that there will be security, so that our economy will be on the right path.”

Governor Ortom acknowledged the blessing of God upon Nigeria with the potentials of everything that is needed to make it a functionally growing country provided.

But such functional greatness, he pointed out, is only possible if all Nigerians are willing to work together with patriotism for a common interest.

“For now, you have seen where we are. Our country, as was promised in 2015, have been taken from top to bottom. We can see that we are going beneath the bottom. 

“But by the grace of God, all of us will put our hands together. It is not just about Buhari, it is not just about political parties; APC, PDP and all those ones. But it is how we can come together and cause things to work for our country, Nigeria.”

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