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Not all female artists sleep around – Whykay

MULTI-talented entertainer, Ogunjimi Adeyinka aka Whykay, has doubted the popular saying that ‘All female artists are promiscuous’.

According to the Ondo State indigene, she’s different, but can’t say for her colleagues.

“Yes, I often do hear that there’s a lot of sleeping around going on in the industry, especially female artists. But to be honest I can’t say much because I’m not everywhere and I don’t know everyone. I can only vouch for myself. I have only one advice; you can do whatever works for you, just know that everyone is watching and talking. Also just be careful because walls have ears,” she said in a recent interview.

Whykay who recently ventured into music production and has so far made beautiful songs, is appreciative of the outgoing year.

She also listed her major achievements as the year approaches it’s final days.

Hear her: “This year has been rugged oh. I have been staying strong because I have a vision and lots of people who believe in me, and that enough for me not to give up.

So far, they are achievements that are dear to me; an example is writing my production exam and coming out with good grades. 

Also, learning how to produce songs from start to finish! It’s a big deal for me because last year I couldn’t . Other achievements are personal. Looking back, no regrets. I’m only going to keep working hard. It’s not been easy to be honest.”

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