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Actress Sonia Ogiri laments indiscriminate use of Police escorts by celebrities

ACTRESS, Sonia Ogiri, has called on the Police to reconsider the use of its officers as escorts for celebrities.

In a post shared via her Instagram page today, Ogiri accused Nigerian politicians of starting the trend which is gradually turning into a “society mess”.

“How did we get here as a nation?” Sonia asked. “The seed planted by our politicians is germinating into society mess.

“A call to the Nigerian POLICE. So the Papaya girl or whatever she’s called cause I don’t know her, moves around with 3 Nigerian police and they even open car door for her? What is this? What does the Nigerian police actually stand for? What is going on?”

The actress further noted while “anybody” can employ the services of police escorts I Nigeria, public figures in other “civilized countries” do not move with police escorts.

“I have never seen any politician, Bill Gates, billionaires on police escorts here or in any civilized country before. Now anybody can just move with police and they see this as levels? No respect for that uniform anymore?

“Things getting out of hand in Nigeria and nothing is done about it, why don’t we learn RIGHT as individuals/ nation? Influencing isn’t done this way.”

“See them constituting nuisance and if nothing is done now, it will be on the increase,” she wrote.

Ogiri’s remarks come following a public brawl at a party involving cross-dresser, Bobrisky and social media influencer, Papaya Ex, who attended the event with police escorts.

Papaya Ex has earlier come under criticism for sharing invites to her housewarming party with a company of Nigeria Police as escorts.

The influencer drove around the street in a convoy including a Police vehicle, as she delivered the boxed packages to celebrities.

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