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A man who loves you will borrow to marry you – Actress Egbenya to women

ACTRESS Christabel Egbenya has advised single ladies on how to know if their man is serious about settling down with them.

The newly married mother of one via her YouTube channel stated that when a man is in love with a lady, and intends marriage, he goes as far as taking loans to achieve his dreams.

She said: “One of my fans asked; how do I know that my boyfriend is serious and would want to marry me, because he has been telling me stories for years. The year is about to end and he had told me he would come and see my people this December. Now he is saying, something came up, this and that..and I saw him spending a lot of money.”

“Com’on girl, when a man wants to marry you, he will not delay you. Men know when they want and when they see it they do the needful. I am telling you the honest truth. A man who’s in love with you and really wants to marry you, will not waste time to do that. He will even borrow money sef. He might not tell you. If he’s tell you stories or you feel he’s tellin you stories, maybe he still wants to know more about you. Maybe he’s not comfortable with some of your attitudes or character. So, my darling if he really wants to marry you, money shouldn’t be an issue. Someone these guys just want to waste your time. So, use your head and know when to move.”

Christabel Egbenya had earlier warned friends not to inform her if they catch her husband cheating or by chance they come across her husband and any side chick.

For the new mom of one, she can’t die because of a man and will never fight her husband’s side chick for any reason.

Christabel Egbenya said: “Any friend that calls to tell me she saw my man with his side chic in a hotel wants to kill me. No! Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. Even if you truly saw them, I don’t want to know. If I am the one that caught them together, I will not fight the girl in the public. The person I have issues with is my husband. I’ll go home and wait for him to come back, then we can sort it there. Because my husband already knows who I am. Why would I chase the girl or my husband, when I know we live in same house?”

Egbenya who is also a producer added,  ‘I love my life so much, if anything happens who would I leave my kids for? I can not play with my life just because of a man, it is not possible. If anything happens to you, the man would only mourn you for a while and then move on to the next woman.

Women should learn to love themselves and be happy with themselves first. I will not trade myself because of a man. I love myself so much, after me, my child comes before my husband and not the other way round.”

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