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TARABA: Bwacha appeals sack as APC gov candidate

FORMER Deputy Minority Leader of the Senate, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, today, said he has appealed the judgment of the Federal High Court that nullified the primary election that produced him as the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Taraba State.

Briefing journalists in Jalingo, Bwacha said he is optimistic that the APC will take over Taraba State in 2023 for the first time despite its numerous litigations.

“I am aware of the anxiety and curiosity created because of the happenings within our party and I thought it wise to speak to you that our people receive our assurances that things will work out well,” he said.

“The litigations in court understandably are as a result of the long-awaited need for an APC government to be established in Taraba State.

“When you see competing interests in a situation like this, you will know that it is where it is going to happen and as such we are comforted and believe that at the fullness of time, this thing will be brought to an end and the people will rejoice ”

“The people here at home want to form a government. They are tired of operating as opposition, but unfortunately, we have few among us who still want to continue with the normal business of contesting and losing just to look for juicy appointments thereafter in Abuja.

“We are trying to put an end to this and recreate a new narration and basically, that is why you’re seeing these struggles for power, and we are trusting God that it will come to an end as soon as possible.

“We are law-abiding citizens; we obey court orders. Though we are in court, we are trusting God that we will overcome.”

The lawmaker alleged that the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Taraba State is the major cause of the APC’s problems, describing it as a sinking ship which has succeeded in penetrating the APC to also sink with it.

He added, “At the onset, the party actually interacted with us and we were getting the cooperation of some of our members. I can tell you for free that the matter is largely exacerbated by activities of the local PDP here which is sitting as an overload.

“You know what it means when a ship is sinking, by mere association with the ship, you begin to sink too and that is why some of our members have taken to this inglorious path of journey.

“The pressure from PDP appears to be having an overwhelming significance upon a few of them, but I am trusting God for a change because the APC hurricane that is coming across the land will definitely create understanding for them to see reasons to honour the mission statement of the party.”

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