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Obi pledges to restore the rule of law if elected in 2023

THE Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi and vice presidential candidate Datti Baba-Ahmed promised to reinstate the rule of law in Nigeria If elected in the general elections of 2023.

During his speech, Obi promised that the police and other security agencies would stop harassing the public while giving his speech at the Bayelsa State LP presidential campaign rally which was held at the Oxbow Lake Pavilion in Yenagoa today.

He added that the government’s duty is to provide for the needs of the poor.

Obi said, “The purpose of government is to care for the poor. Datti and I have said we will secure and unite Nigeria. We will make sure that Nigerians are governed by the rule of law. The were will no more police harassment. Police will no longer harass students for having laptops.

“We are promising what we are going to do. All those people have been promising you a lot and they have not delivered anything.

“Next year, we are going to have an election that will not be based on tribe; we are going to have an election that will not be based on religion; we are going to have an election that will not be by my turn. It is the turn of Nigerians to take back their country. It is the turn of Nigerian youths to take back their country.”

He stated that the federal government had “abandoned” the state during the 2022 flood crisis, despite being the region where the nation’s oil resources was originally discovered.

The LP presidential flagbearer, however, promised to “make sure Bayelsa gets its fair share of what they have been giving to Nigeria,” noting that the state deserves more.

Obi while pledging to clean up environmental pollution in Bayelsa and other Niger Delta states said, “Bayelsa deserves more. It has given so much to Nigeria. This is where Nigeria got its first oil (well) in 1956. Look at Bayelsa, they don’t have anything to show for it.

“We will clean up the environment of Bayelsa, everywhere there is environmental pollution, I will clean it up. Bayelsa people will be able to feed again and eat fish from their waters; there will be road from Yenagoa to Port Harcourt.”

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