10 goals of the #NBRPLagosBookWalk, April 27

  1. Formally launch Lagos as the Nigerian Book Club City, 2023.
  2. Create enhanced awareness about books and reading.
  3. Motivate more discussions in relation to promoting books and reading.
  4. Encourage people to join book clubs.
  5. Encourage book clubs to become more active.
  6. Stimulate increased recognition and acceptance for Nigerian writers and their products.
  7. Assist in making the Nigerian book market to become more vibrant.
  8. Open the door for many other book events in the succeeding years.
  9. Influence the establishment of more vibrant and functional community and neighbourhood libraries and reading spaces.
  10. Put the spotlight on the importance of collaboration among partner organisations in building and strengthening the Nigerian book ecosystem.

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Lagos book Walk 1
10 goals of the #NBRPLagosBookWalk, April 27 2

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