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‘We all need to be extremely OBIdient, fuel is now N450 a litre’ – Destiny Etiko to Nigerians 

ACTRESS Destiny Etiko has urged her followers on Instagram and Nigerians in general to be extremely OBIDIENT, get their PVC and vote in the right candidate.

The Enugu State based actress made this clarion call while lamenting that a liter of fuel now costs 450 naira.

“I am 100% OBIDIENT. I don’t know about you, my brothers and sisters but with the present situation of the country and where our politicians are taking us, we all need to have common sense and be extremely OBIDIENT oh.  Pls get your PVC. Fuel is now 450 in ENUGU . This presidential election no be beans o. Na we go suffer am las las if we loss guard,” she wrote.

Destiny Etiko had earlier urged any woman who is going through domestic abuse at home to flee from the marriage.

The movie star made this known via her Instagram page where she further revealed that she just lost a close friend to a violent, drunk partner.

“If it’s not working my sister run oh! Because if anything happens to you now, you will be replaced sharperly. No man is worth killing yourself for.  Lost a dear friend because of one useless drunk. RIP B

Relationship no be must o…..if it’s doesn’t favour u pls take a walk. SOME MEN ARE SO MEAN AND DOESN’T  DESERVE ANY GOOD WOMAN IN THERE LIFE,” she wrote.

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