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AfricaNXT 2023: Paramount Africa champions Afrobeats sustainability

…Akintunde-Johnson, Fakorede others lead conversation on innovation, collaboration growth

Afrobeats no doubt has taken the world by storm and become one of the top-most sought-after music genres globally, but question that begs for answer is how do Nigeria as a nation and the birthplace of Afrobeats, sustain and strengthen its growth as a mainstream genre? 

     It is on this premise that multimedia powerhouse, Paramount Africa is set to hold a panel discussion at the 2023 edition of the avant-garde conference, AfricaNXT, on Thursday, February 9, at 12:30 p.m., to explore solutions to this question. 

     Tagged: “How Can Nigerian Institutional Participation Help Sustain the Growth of Afrobeats?” the conference is aimed at harnessing partnerships between private and public stakeholders for the sustained growth and development of the Afrobeats industry within and outside the continent in the coming years. 

    The conference will feature two segments of enlightening panel discussions with experts and captains of industries including Dr. Bada Akintunde-Johnson, Country Manager, Paramount Africa; Chinwe Greg-Egu, Senior Brand Manager, Heineken; Dr. Seun Fakorede, Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Oyo State; Oyinkansola Fawehinmi, President, Digital Music Commerce and Exchange Ltd.  

    The panel discussions are aimed at examining the significance of stakeholders’ involvement in the Afrobeats sector, innovative paths to catalytic collaborations, and the relationship between impactful support and profitable exports of Afrobeats. 

     Speaking on the event, Dr. Akintunde-Johnson said, “Afrobeats has undoubtedly surged beyond the shores of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. It has ushered in a new wave of up-tempo rhythms and flavours that have arguably revolutionised the global music industry. However, it has become expedient to harness the participation of key stakeholders in the Afrobeats industry to ensure the sustained growth of the genre.”   

     “The exportation of this genre of music to other parts of the world has opened international doors and partnerships for many people within the continent, soaring to new heights that were once a figment of our imaginations.      

    “However, without all hands-on-deck, the growth of the Afrobeats industry will stunt. Therefore, to ensure our identity as a nation of people with a unique sound, we need to ensure that Afrobeats continues to evolve without losing its original quality and authenticity. This can only be done through innovative collaborations,” he added.  

     AfricaNXT has consistently sparked conversations around African innovation that have brought significant growth to the sectors involved. The Afrobeats conversation in this edition promises to further facilitate development in the already thriving genre. 

    As a multimedia entertainment powerhouse, Paramount Africa offers the most comprehensive international broadcast portfolio on the African continent, reaching more than 100 million viewers across 48 territories in Africa. 

     It currently comprises 10 separate T.V. channels and five consumer websites, as well as multiple mobile and social media sites. The company’s African business interests include content production and distribution, spot sales, 360-degree sponsorships, events, and mobile, digital and consumer products.  

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