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I’ll treat mother-in-law same way she treats me — Actress Queeneth Agbor

ACTRESS Queeneth Agbor has said that she will treat her future mother-in-law the same way the latter relates with her.

In a recent interview Agbor said she would be eager to reciprocate the positive or negative energy her mother in law brings to the table.

The single mum of one said: “Ladies should always have it at the back of their minds that their mums are also mothers-in-law to other people. So, they should treat their mothers-in-law the way they want their mums to be treated.  Except the mum-in-law doesn’t like the wife or is trying to make her life difficult. Then, she should feel free to reciprocate the energy.

“As for me, I will welcome a mother in-law that welcomed me from day one with open arms. But if it is otherwise; ‘social distancing’ is highly important (laughs).”

Speaking on the things she uses to mark her territory in her man’s place, Agbor said, “Over the years, I have come to realise that one can only keep a man that wants to be kept. When it comes to my relationship, I really don’t have the time to mark any space. My peace of mind is priceless. If there is anyone that should be doing the most, it should be my man.”

Speaking on New Year resolutions, she said, “I am a very determined person. I always do everything I say I will do, by God’s grace. New Year resolutions are very important because they help one to set goals for the year. I can never stop setting goals towards achieving greatness.”

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