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Reps may reconvene before elections if naira crisis persist – Gbajabiamila

SPEAKER Femi Gbajabiamila has stated that if the difficulties Nigerians are having with the newly redesigned Naira continues, the House of Representatives will meet again prior to the general elections.

According to a statement by his spokesperson, Lanre Lasisi, Gbajabiamila reportedly mentioned this yesterday at a town hall gathering with several ethnic groups in Surulere, Lagos.

He said that the House would keep an eye on how the Central Bank of Nigeria was carrying out the plan.

He said: “The House of Representatives intervened on several occasions. We summoned the CBN governor the first time and again, but he refused to answer, because we had many hard questions for him.

“It was until I issued the threat of warrant of arrest before he came, and I would’ve signed that warrant; it would’ve been the first time in the history of National Assembly that a CBN governor would be arrested. I would’ve done it.

“Many have argued on the independence of CBN, the autonomy of CBN. That does not make CBN above the law. The constitution gives the House the power to issue an arrest warrant against anyone, we can summon anybody, and that was exactly what the House was going to do until the CBN governor came.

“So, we’re watching, and we’re monitoring very closely. If need be, we will reconvene the House, even though we’ve all been away for our elections. I will call the House back if need be”.

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