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Insurgency in Nigeria is man-made, says Al-Mustapha

THE presidential candidate of Action Alliance (AA), Hamza Al-Mustapha, has said that the incessant insurgency bedeviling some parts of the country is man made.

He told Trust TV, “You know if you want to solve the problem, you need to look at data that ordinary eyes don’t see. I looked at the casualties from the side of security personnels including military, paramilitary and police, the killing of people and attacking them.

“To many people who can give you different times of occurrence and re-occurrence, appearance or reappearance of effect of insurgency in Nigeria come from time to time but the beginning from its conception to its actualization to the pains inflicted on Nigerians started on 1st November 1999.

“Whether it is understood on time is another thing, whether the actors were understood, whether who are sponsoring them were known earlier the records are there.

“So the insurgency in Nigeria is man made, if you go into the causes, if you go into the actors and the statement taken from them, and then if you go into their activities, supplies of logistics like weapons, money and the indoctrination.

“I have the privilege unfortunately or fortunately, I was imprisoned with them. I didn’t run away from them, I didn’t keep them aside, for the interest of my country I need to know. We had an argument with some of them on the role they played, among them are highly educated ones. I saw masters degree holders among them so I interrogated most of them.”

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