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Presidential, NASS elections not transparent – Kaigama

THE Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, Ignatius Kaigama, says the last elections in the country was not transparent.

He, however, warned political leaders against fighting dirty, rigging or manipulating elections if their desire is to genuinely serve the common good.

Kaigama stated these yesterday in his homily delivered at St. Augustine’s Parish, Lugbe on Sunday.

He said, “I urge you to keep hope alive. We concluded our presidential and National Assembly elections last Saturday. Many people turned out and enthusiastically voted, believing that the transparency promised would be guaranteed. When it did not happen in all cases, as many felt that the process was compromised, many wanted street protests, but thanks to the maturity of the top contenders who called all to exercise caution and obedience to the laws of the land. We have yet survived together again as against those predicting doom.

“We encouraged people to get registered, to obtain their voter cards, to go out and vote. They enthusiastically trooped out to vote but to their greatest chagrin, the process did not achieve the degree of transparency expected. Despite all, remain calm and peaceful. Those not satisfied with the results are heading to the courts.

“Let the courts do their work with the greatest sense of justice. God above is watching how the courts; the hope of the common man/woman will perform. The supreme judge of the ultimate tribunal is waiting for those who dispense justice with a sense of fairness or do so with great personal bias or get compromised because of some material reasons. Let justice be done. Let peace reign. May God protect Nigeria and all Nigerians.”

Kaigama urged Nigerians to avoid inflammatory and provocative statements going around, adding that they should not be tired but come out again for the March 11 elections.

“Those who take over positions of leadership should only seek to add building blocks of cohesion and development rather than destroying past good legacies or to discontinue from them; to serve, and not to be served; to build and not to destroy; to bind and not to divide.

“For political leaders, there is no need to fight dirty, rig or

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