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Yelisa, Juiovla evicted from BBTitans

IT was a double eviction show Sunday night for Big Brother Titans. Juicy Jay and Olivia, better known as Juiovla as a pair, were evicted from the Big Brother house.

They became the fifth pair to exit the game. Shortly after their exit, Yelisa (Yemi Cregx and Nelisa) were also evicted.

Olivia was known for her gists, alongside Yvonne, Nana and Jenni O. While many have tagged their gists as gossip, during the live eviction show, Olivia chose to tag it as analysing.

“I don’t call it gossip, I call it analysing. We are in the Big Brother house, you got to analyse,” she told hosts Ebuka and Lawrence.

The 23-year-old from Anambra State however was visibly shocked when she realised that one of her gisting partners, Blue Aiva, was among those who nominated her for possible eviction, given that she could not put her up for nomination due to their friendship.

“I’m speechless,” she said after the reel was shown to her.

Unlike her partner, Olivia never got to have a relationship in the house but she nursed an affection for one of the housemates Thabang.

But when asked about how she felt about him, she defended her feelings.

“I don’t like him in a romantic manner.”

Her words however seemed unconvincing, even to her partner Juicy Jay.

Juicy Jay, a rugby player, was a hottie in the house and drew the attention of Yvonne. He had a romantic relationship with her, even though there were times when insecurity threatened their feelings for each other.

A shocking Yemi Cregx said that he was not expecting his eviction to be tonight. Yemi was one of the highlights of the game with his situationship with Khosi and Blue Aiva. His divided attention to the two caused tension between the two females, and he was easily tagged as a playboy.

“Right now, my relationship with Khosi is real. Initially, I was not sure of it until you called me out. We are having conversations about linking up after the house,” he said.

Nelisa had her share of love moments. From Mmeli to Thabang.

“I really like Thabang. He has a genuine soul. I’m curious to see how it plays out now I’m outside,” she said.

Juiovla and Yelisa were nominated alongside Khosicle, Kaniva, Juvone and Royals. The Royals however survived their first nomination. Only six pairs are left in the game.

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