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‘I moved out from my parent’s house at 16’ – BBNaija’s Maria Benjamin

EX-Big Brother Naija reality TV star, Maria Benjamin, has recalled her growing up days and how became independent at the age of 16.

Speaking on some experiences in the Big Brother Naija House that shaped her life, the Air Hostess turned reality show star said, “If I am being honest, I was myself 100 per cent in the house. I was more aware of my environment because I am not used to living with people or a large number of people. I never lived with my family throughout my adult years. I moved out when I was 16 and catered for myself till adult age. So, having to live with a huge number of strangers was a huge challenge for me.”

“I was very much of myself and was trying so hard to accommodate my acquaintances as per what was accepted in the Big Brother house at the time. My experience at the time was that I found out that I was actually a nice person, laughs! I also learnt to understand that every other person has an opinion too and that my opinion isn’t always the best or right opinion.”

On how the TV show changed her life; made her popular and financially stable, Chike said “prior to Big Brother, I wasn’t made in any way, I was still struggling, and my life needed a lot of improvement too. I was still struggling to find my light career-wise, and otherwise. I might have had some previous careers prior to that time but many things I really wanted to do as a person had not come to light. So, prior to BBN, I was still lost as a person. I must say, financially, I was okay, but not made. BBN platform was a gateway for me to be able to achieve certain goals and dreams which I have always had.”

Clearing the air on the accusations against her that she is dating a married men, Maria Chike noted that such rumours are expected especially when one has just attained fame.

“There was a biased rumour about me, of course, I won’t be the first, and it happens anytime someone comes to fame. That rumour that came out in 2021, it’s not in my place to discredit or credit it, you know I never even brought it out there in the first place and it is not in my place because it is going to touch a lot of personal lives and it is just not in my place to voice out. Also, I don’t owe people any explanation.”

Wondering if Maria Chike is still single and ready to mingle, she said, ” Oh! I am not single I have not been single in a long time. I am very much in a healthy relationship with a partner that I have been seeing for many years now. He is a great person in my life, and encourages everything I do, and he gives me peace. I am just so grateful to God that I have him. God willing, expect the good news anytime soon.”

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