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Ini Edo opens up on alleged affair with Empress Njamah’s ex-lover-turned-scammer

ACTRESS Ini Edo who was earlier implicated in a scandal involving an alleged scammer and former lover of her industry colleague, Empress Njamah, named Jack Davies has shared her side of the story.

Davies had been confirmed by the Liberian police as a notorious scammer who targets wealthy women, enters into romantic relationships with them, and successful swindle them of their fortunes. 

Reports also confirmed that, in addition to his known victim in Nigeria, Empress Njamah, he possessed intimate videos of about nine other female celebrities.

Amidst these recent developments, Instagram blogger Gistlover has also accused Ini Edo of having a relationship with Davies. 

To support this claim, the blogger shared a recording of a video call between Davies and Ini Edo as well as a snapshot of her passport that was allegedly found on his phone.

This accusation has garnered widespread attention, with many people criticising the actress. 

In response, Ini Edo stated that the alleged blackmailer had contacted her months ago, claiming to be producing a movie and requesting her participation.

The mother of one added that she ceased communication with him when he began making advances towards a romantic relationship.

She also stated that she has never met Davies, and regarding the passport photograph found on his phone, Ini Edo said she sent it to him when he asked to meet and offered to book her flight. 

Speaking about the recorded video call, the actress asserted that it was an unsolicited call that she picked up to tell Davies to switch to audio and not call her on video.

She said in part: “Just turning on my phone and I am been bombarded with lots of accusations. I don’t know how to do this but I have to do it cause I feel like, lots of times people throw things at me and I let it slide and people feel like it’s okay to keep doing it. I don’t know why people are dragging me into the web of lies. If I have to talk about this I have to be truthful. Someone texted me with a foreign number sometime last year, August/September/November, someone called me and said he wanted to work with me and when I asked how he got my number he said a colleague gave it to him.

I feel like people should leave me alone, I have my stuff going on. I am just trying to be me and leave a decent life and do what’s right for me, my family, and my career.

Everyone should just leave me alone, enough with all these lies. It is easy to pick on Ini’s name and just talk shit and I just keep quiet, enough is enough. You guys have done this to me for the longest and I have kept quiet for the longest.”

Following reports from 20 Liberian women who claimed to have been duped and robbed of their valuables by Davies, he was tracked down and arrested in Liberia. It was alleged that he was in the midst of planning another scam against a victim when he was apprehended.

The police have urged other potential victims of Davies to come forward and report their complaints, indicating that there may be additional individuals who have been targeted by his fraudulent activities.

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