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Story telling… Power of authenticity

( Excerpts from a presentation on ‘Leadership, Advocacy and the Power of Authenticity’ at the Creative Producers Indaba South Africa in September 5, 2020)

TOO many stories of africa are reflections of our worst instincts and not enough imagination to foreshadow how we want to see our communities, our governance, our infrastructure and our future. We need to empower ourselves better with our stories. Storytelling has always been our superpower. The village square, the markets, and the courtyards were spaces filled with folklore. These stories were always deliberately crafted to offer guidance and insight that shape the future of our communities and modified behavior. They invented heroes and told tales of uncommon courage and selfless sacrifice in service of community. They fostered tribal pride with poetry and songs that detailed the history of a thousand sojourns and valiant progenitors. They created realms of metaphysical existence where forebears translated into unseen protectors and guardians of the tribe. They built into every story a future reputation, and the sustenance of the peace and prosperity of their tribes. They were conscious always to choose the future they desired by imbibing it in the imagination of their audience today. We absolutely have to be far more deliberate and conscious about the images we leave in the subconscious of our audiences about what is ‘Africa.’ Because what we imagine and story-sell becomes our reality in the fullness of time.’

Femi Odugbemi, fta.
Leadership, Advocacy and the Power of Authenticity’

Creative Producers Indaba South Africa.
(5th September 2020)

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