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Why celebrities have mental health issues – Actress Yetunde Bakare 

ACTRESS Yetunde Bakare has said that celebrities usually had mental health issues as a result of pressure from fans.

She said, “Celebrities have mental health issues due to the pressures from fans, and seeking unnecessary validations from the public.

“For me, I keep everything in check and I don’t follow the crowd. Nothing bothers me or gets to me, because I understand what I was getting into when I joined the industry.

“What also helps to keep my mental health in check is being content and staying focused on my personal growth. Anytime I feel stressed, I find someone to talk to, and once I let it all out, I’m absolutely fine. I know it’s not easy with some people, because they don’t have anybody to confide in.”

The ‘Modi Monso’ actress also stated that it is more difficult to find real love than to keep it.

She said: “Finding true love is harder than keeping it. It is more complicated nowadays, because a lot of people have had bad experiences and they tend to withdraw easily in order to protect their peace and sanity.”

“I believe one needs to love, value and discover oneself before thinking of a healthy relationship.”

Yetunde Bakare also debunked the notion that fame led to automatic happiness.

She said, “That is not totally true, because the rich also cry. If one is a people pleaser, one will have a lot of breakdowns keeping up with fame.

“When one is famous, the expectations from the public will be on the high side. People will hardly understand that one is human too.”

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