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Banned Toney repeatedly placed bets on Brentford — FA explains

IVAN Toney bet several times on matches involving his own club Brentford in serious breach of Football Association rules, the English ruling body revealed today.

The England and Brentford striker has been banned from all football for eight months following scores of betting breaches.

He would have received a longer ban had he not been diagnosed with a gambling addiction, the written reasons of his case, published by the Football Association today, showed.

The 27-year-old has been suspended by the FA from playing until January 2024 and cannot train with his teammates until September after accepting 232 breaches of the FA’s rules on betting.

“126 bets were in respect of matches in a competition in which Mr Toney’s club had participated in or were eligible to participate in that particular season,” the FA wrote.

“Twenty-nine bets or instructions to bet were in respect of the club that Mr Toney was registered with or on loan with at the time.

“Of those 29 there were 16 bets on Mr Toney’s own team to win 15 different matches. Mr Toney played in 11 of these games and was an unused substitute in another game.”

The written reasons further state that “there were 13 bets on Mr Toney’s own team to lose in seven different matches between 22 August 2017 and 3 March 2018.

“Mr Toney did not play in any of those matches where he placed bets against his loan club as he was not in the match squad or against his parent club as he was on loan. Of the 13 bets 11 were against Newcastle whilst Mr Toney was on loan at another club.

“The other 2 bets related to a game between Wigan v Aston Villa whilst the player was on loan at Wigan but he was not part of the squad.

“A further 15 of the 126 bets or instructions to bet were placed by Mr Toney to score in nine different matches all of which he played in. All of those 15 bets or instructions to bet were initiated by Mr Toney at a time when it would not have been public knowledge that he was starting or playing in the fixture.”

The regulatory commission concluded that Toney had tried to conceal his betting, “using third parties and their betting accounts … in case there was ever an investigation”.

Dr Philip Hopley, a psychiatrist, attended Toney’s hearing and diagnosed that the player has a gambling addiction.

“The commission finds that a significant reduction should be made to reflect the diagnosed gambling addiction identified by Dr Hopley,” the written reasons said. “The lack of control the player has in respect of gambling is clearly a reflection of his diagnosed gambling addiction.

“The present case is not one of match-fixing. If it was, the charges would have been pursued under different provisions. There is no evidence that Mr Toney did or was even in a position to influence his own team to lose when he placed bets against them winning – he was not in the squad or eligible to play at the time.”

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