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Kenyatta to Tinubu: ‘You are now father of all’

FORMER Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged President-elect Bola Tinubu to be a uniting force in Nigeria.

He gave the charge in Abuja today during the presidential inauguration lecture ahead of Tinubu’s swearing-in.

Kenyatta believes since elections are over, the onus lies on Tinubu to unite every Nigerian irrespective of religion, tribe, political and other affiliations.

“The contest is now over and the hard work of building a prosperous and unified Nigeria now begins,” he said as a keynote speaker during the event.

“Upon assuming the office of president, you would be wise to transcend from the tactical politics of an election and assume your role as Nigeria’s vision bearer.

“This will demand a complete overhaul of the adversarial mindset that we as politicians are conditioned to embrace during the electoral process.

“As president, you must learn very quickly to lead those who love you and those who don’t with equal passion and commitment because now, you are the father of all.”

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