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Pope Francis has fever, clears schedule –  Vatican

POPE Francis has a fever that caused him to clear his schedule on Friday morning, the Vatican said, nearly two months after the 86-year-old pontiff was hospitalised with bronchitis.

“Due to a feverish state, Pope Francis did not receive an audience this morning,” said Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni, without giving details.

It was unclear who the pope had been expected to meet with, as his agenda was not made public, as is customary, on Friday.

In late March, Francis was admitted to hospital in Rome, where he remained for three nights, after having difficulties breathing.

Doctors determined the respiratory infection was bronchitis, and treated him with antibiotics to which he responded quickly.

Francis increasing health issues over the past year have sparked widespread concern, including speculation that he might choose to retire rather than stay in the job for life, a choice made by his predecessor Benedict XVI.

The German theologian died on December 31 aged 95, almost a decade after stepping down.
In an interview with US Spanish-language network Telemundo broadcast on Thursday, Francis said his health was “much better”.

“I can walk now. My knee has been mending. I could hardly walk beforehand, now I can. Some days are more painful than others, like today,” the pope said, according to a transcript of the interview.
Asked about his bronchitis, he said doctors caught it just in time.

“If we’d waited a few more hours, it would’ve been much more serious. But I was out (of the hospital) in four days,” he said.

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