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Solomon Buchi, others slam comedian Shanks over ‘disrespectful God’s skit’

WRITER and life coach, Solomon Buchi has taken to social media to call out comedian Shanks Comics over the latter’s latest skit which he regarded as blasphemous and disrespectful.

”Dear Shank the comedian, You have produced skits that were outrightly blasphemous & disrespectful to the Christian faith. You once depicted Jesus in a scene as moved by a woman’s boobs. Such a travesty of the divinity of Christ. This isn’t a comedy, this is disrespect to Christ,” Solomon Buchi wrote.

The controversial skit titled ”If Joseph was Nigerian,” saw the comedian enacting the story of the conception of Jesus Christ. Shanks in the portrayal of the characters, is believed to have not only mocked God but, also sexualized and misrepresented the characters in the story.

His skit has since generated major backlash on social media with many calling for him to be canceled.

Ayilo_ J tweeted; ”All these Shank skits are just insensitive…”

Apostle Frederick Godwin tweeted; ”That thing Shank did is a disrespect to the Christian faith and misrepresentation of Biblical events and characters. How would you even imagine the last part more to talk act it out? That’s not a comedy but utter disrespect to what Christians believe. CAN needs to take action.”

Another Twitter user wrote; ”Shank comedy has made two atrocious skits about the Bible. It’s so irritating.”

Danilton tweeted; ”We are truly in the era of grace and God is indeed a merciful God. If na during the days of old, thunder for don strike Shank, other actor, and actresses, the cameraman, the scriptwriter, the driver wey carry them go location and all involved this unhinged display of madness.”

Social media users have continued to drag the comedian whose response since the skit began to trend is ”God is the greatest..”

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