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Why I ran away from my potential husband – Actress Ebun Hodo

 ACTRESS-cum-fashion designer, Ebun Hodo, would have been long married, if not for an unpleasant encounter she had with her potential husband.

In an interview with Naijatimes, the English and Literature graduate from University Of Calabar said, ” I have rejected suitors. In fact, I remember running for my life from one who almost married me due to dishonesty, selfishness, self-interest, manipulation and above all domestic abuse. I’m a baddie who’s a 10/10. Any man who looses me loose a rare diamond. We the pretty baddies don’t fight over men. If it gets worse, we press charges! and if you still wanna be behaving tough. I’ll dump you on the streets where you belong. I don’t have time for rubbish.”

Ebun who says she has no regrets taking a break from movies to focus of her fashion brand hopes to move her brand to international standards in a few years.

“I’m building my brand to where I want it to be by Gods grace, hence taking a break from movies. We are aiming for international reach, so no regrets.  I have always been a fashion lover right from when I was a child, I’m obsessed with fashion. It got to a point, I was nicknamed Hot Babe during my school days. It got so bad that I was always spending my last kobo just to look good. One faithfully day, the inspiration came and I told myself I can actually go learn how they make these clothes. That’s how I got into fashion fully and started monetizing it.”

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