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KANO: Govt clarifies status of new emirates amidst rumours

THE Kano State Government has formally announced that no decision has been made on the status of the new emirates established by Abdullahi Ganduje’s former administration in reaction to recent social media rumors.

The government intends to maintain transparency and open contact with Kano residents regarding significant policies and decisions.

Sanusi Tofa, the Chief Press Secretary to Kano State Governor, addressed the speculations in a press statement issued earlier today.

He emphasized that interactions between the executive and legislative branches of government would be open and transparent, allowing Kano residents access to information about significant policies and decisions made by the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) administration.

“There have been widespread rumors circulating on social media platforms regarding the fate of the new emirates in Kano. We would like to clarify that no decision has been taken yet on this matter,” stated Tofa. “We assure the public that any decisions regarding the new emirates will be communicated officially and in a transparent manner.”

This statement comes in response to growing concern among Kano residents about the future of the new emirates formed by the previous administration.

Several residents have been waiting for an update on the status of these emirates, and the government’s commitment of open participation gives them optimism that clarity will come soon.

In other events, the Kano State Assembly convened its first session yesterday approving Governor Kabir Yusuf’s proposal to appoint 20 special advisers.

“We are pleased to announce that the State Assembly has graciously approved the appointment of 20 special advisers, as requested by Governor Yusuf,” Tofa stated.

As the NNPP-led administration takes shape, Kano residents are eagerly awaiting further details and official decisions on the new emirates.

The government’s dedication to openness and open interaction will definitely encourage trust and participation among the people.

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