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My father almost disowned me for joining Nollywood – Ifeoma Nebe

ACTRESS Ifeoma Nebe is bent on doing everything possible to make sure no youth makes same mistake she made as a young girl.

In a recent interview, the Premonition star actress noted that she has learned from her mistakes and using her Ifeoma Nebe Foundation to impact positively on young lives.

“I am a philanthropist. I reach out to different people through my foundation; widows, kids, youths. I try as much I can to put smiles in their faces in my own little way. I made mistakes growing up due to lack of information or poor knowledge, right now talking to youths who learn from my experiences is a win for me. My background growing up mostly influenced my foundation (NGO) plus empathy to peoples life experiences,” she stated.

The Enugu State born actress who turned a year older a few days ago is still single and waiting for her Mr. Right.

“I’m not in any relationship right now, but on the look out. I am not in a rush. I am not cut out for what our generation term love and relationship, I’d rather wait. I am a very stubborn type, so my man should be able to tolerate that part of me. In fact, when I see the right man, my heart will alert me.”

Asked her parents’ reactions when they discovered her career path, the light skinned Script Interpreter recalled, “Ahhhh they almost fainted oh, followed by a thousand family meetings and warnings. My dad even threatened to disown me at some point but with time and pleadings plus I promised not to take some certain roles I think they are coming around to it. I will not take any role that is against my beliefs and principles. Even if the fee is enticing, my integrity is worth more.”

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